March sunshine in Jersey

March sunshine in Jersey

Kayakers off Ficquet bay,Jersey

Calm seas and sunshine. Not bad for March in Jersey

Sea kayaking in Jersey couldn’t get any better on Sunday 27 March.

Calm seas and lots of sunshine. Shame the water temperature was a bit on the cold side as Louis confirms.

Heading out of Ouasine bay after our 2 star assessment session the clam sea soon revealed a bit of a swell running as we headed past Beauport Bay and La Grosse Tete.

Time for a bit of rock gardening with Mark taking the lead with only his paddle visible as he sneaked down a gully.

The swell revealed its full force on the return as we sneaked round La Grosse Tete giving Louis a dunking.

Sit on top kayak capsize in rocks

Dress for immersion, even on a warm day

Fortunately he’d done capsize training last year so getting back in was a very slick affair. This is a good  example of why it is important to dress in the right kit at this time of year. Carrying a cag in the kayak allowed him to put it on and stay warm.

It is easy to underestimate the effects of wind chill once you are wet.

In some places the rule is to dress in case of an unplanned  immersion, even when the air temperature is warm.