School and Youth group rates

We offer special rates for schools and youth groups. The price depends on the numbers, times and learning outcomes. Contact us for a precise quote.

Time to trust each other….

We can adjust times to suit you.

The exact number must be confirmed when you confirm the booking. We accept cheque and credit/debit cards via our online booking system.

We are a British Canoeing Accredited Centre and comply with national and local standards.


We need advance notification of any special needs/medical issues. A consent form is required to be signed by the parent/guardian of the child. Education department consents to undertake kayaking are accepted.

Leaders accompanying children are expected to have contact details and copies of the consents.


What’s under the water?

All our staff working with young people have undergone a DBS Police check.

Group size

Normally 1 qualified BC coach to 8 students providing the group leader is also on the water. If this is not the case then we will ensure two staff are on the water.

Depending on the group needs/conditions larger groups may be possible. A minimum of 2 kayak staff will be afloat.

Kayaks and equipment.

To aid learning and skill development we have junior-sized wetsuits, paddles, buoyancy aids and kayaks. We also have tandem kayaks available.

Tandem kayaks can be a great way to enable children with special needs to get afloat.

The role of the group leader with youth/school groups.

The group leader needs to remain on-site even if they do not go afloat. Our staff will assist in the supervision of young people when changing out of kayaking/walking gear.

Once children are changed the JKA staff role ends. Leaders are responsible for supervising lunch breaks.

Learning outside the classroom with Jersey Kayak Adventures

Gaining confidence afloat.

The outdoor environment offers huge potential for young people to learn.

We can offer one-off and multi-session kayaking classes.

As well as developing new skills we can also tailor the activity to develop teamwork, interpersonal skills and a range of learning outcomes. For example, one school used kayaking as a vehicle to observe coastal features.

There is great potential to use kayaking to develop elements of school-based Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programmes by drawing upon the unique opportunity to explore and experience the outdoors.

Adopting a local approach to outdoor activities enables students to discover the range of activities that can be enjoyed on Jersey without having to head off to far-flung destinations- with corresponding issues of air-miles and sustainability issues-. There is also the impact of local school activity programmes being more inclusive to students and manageable within the curriculum timetable.

We offer British Canoeing awards for young people.

Contact us to discuss how we can enable your learning outcomes to be achieved.

Weather conditions

Cliffs at Les leaux de Ficquet near Beauport.

When booking we will discuss suitable venues for the activity. This may need to change if weather conditions dictate. Any change will be advised no later than 24 hours before the activity. We are not in the business of putting young people afloat whatever the conditions.

If we need to cancel the activity due to adverse weather an alternative date will be offered. In some cases, it is possible to offer high ropes course activities at Valley Adventure for groups working to a fixed programme e.g. during school activity weeks.

Overnight camps and mini kayak expeditions

We have undertaken overnight camps with De La Salle School paddling from Bouley Bay to stay overnight at L’Egypte. An overnight stay in Seymour tower is also possible.

Other group options for schools and youth groups

Guided walks to Seymour tower with Jersey Walk Adventures.

Take a walk on the seabed. Learn and explore the low water zone with our trained guides. An area that is covered by up to 12m of ocean twice a day.

Aerial trekking at Valley Adventure.

The centre offers a range of activities: Aerial Trekking, Assault Course, Archery, Climbing & Abseiling, Orienteering, Zip Wires, Powerfan Freefall Jump, King Swing and Low & High Development Courses. Plenty to keep your group busy.

On your bike.

Cycle hire from Jersey Bike hire is a good way to get about the island and to give young people a new perspective of Jersey.

Libertybus is also a great way to get about. However, at busy times it may not be possible to take large groups by bus.