Intermediate Sea Kayaking

If you already have some kayaking experience these courses are for you.

Sea kayaks and equipment is included in our prices. We have a large fleet of Sit-on-Top and sit-inside sea kayak designs (Ocean Kayak, RTM, Tootega, Valley, P&H) plus high-performance Rockpool Tarans, Tiderace Pace 17’s and Epic surf-skis.

Sea Kayak Skills Development course (1-5 days)

New for 2020;

Often, paddlers find they learned skills when they first started paddling but have not had the opportunity to revisit and tune up their skills and techniques. During this course, we’ll look at ways you can implement techniques in a variety of sea states and environments to make you more confident afloat.

The course is limited to no more than four paddlers, so you get plenty of coaching and advice. There will be on the water video analysis. Before the course, you’ll be asked to identify the areas you want to develop. The aim is for you to go home with a new set of tools and knowledge to add to your development as a competent sea kayaker.

Expect to paddle in a range of sea states and environments so you’ll get the opportunity to transfer skills into real situations and practice linking you paddle techniques more effectively.

All equipment (choose either sit-on-top sea touring kayak or sit-inside sea kayaks) is included in the price: £110 per day.

It’s possible to book one or two days if you are unable to attend the five days as private classes.


April 27-May 1

August 17-21

Kayak Trail. 5 days (Intermediate)

Explore Jersey, the island of the tides. Discover a coastline which is constantly changing over 5 days.

Paddle with experienced local guides who will take you to hidden caves and coves.

We aim to paddle from a different location each day so you get to know what lies around the headlands as you explore a coastline which changes minute by minute as the tide rises and falls. Experience a range of conditions accompanied by our expert local staff who can also reveal the history and wildlife around our coast.

Tailored to your own personal goals, we’ll improve your skills so you become a better paddler and can get even more fun from your kayaking. To get the most from this course you should have some kayaking experience and be able to paddle around 5-8 miles per day.

The course is also suitable for less experienced paddlers who want to progress rapidly over a few days of kayaking. However, you’ll need to be fit, keen to rapidly learn new kayak skills and at times be challenged in more demanding conditions. If your skill level is not sufficient to handle an intermediate course we reserve the right to move you to other kayak trips and tours so you -and those on the course- get a good experience.

All equipment (choose either sit-on-top sea touring kayak or sit-inside sea kayaks) is included in the price: £550.

Option to include the British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award or add the Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course as an extra day.


April 27- May 1 (option to link this with the Coastal Sea Kayak Course May 4-8 & Coastal Navigation course on May 3)

June 15-19

October 5-9

Email Derek for more dates.

Intermediate Kayak Course (5 Mornings)

Each class aims to tune up your paddle skills in a range of locations and conditions to enable you to become a better paddler.

There is also the opportunity to be assessed for the British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award.

You should already have some kayaking experience and can cope with Beaufort force three winds and small waves.

As many paddlers may already have some equipment we offer a range of prices based on the amount of gear you’ll need.

All equipment required (choose either sit-on-top or sit-inside style sea kayaks, wetsuit, PFD, etc.); £207.50
You have your own wetsuit, paddle jacket etc and only need to use our kayak and paddles; £177.50
Have a suitable kayak for the course and all your own equipment; £125

Kayak club credits/gift vouchers are accepted. Book online or, email me to reserve your place.

If you cannot attend all the 5 sessions, please email me.

2020 Dates

Saturdays, April 25 – June 6  1000-1230.

Monday- Friday, May 25 – May 29 1000 – 1230

Monday- Friday, June 8 – 12 1000 – 1230

Monday- Friday, August 24 – 28 1000 – 1230