Sea Kayak Tours in Jersey

See Jersey from a different perspective! Sea kayaking is a great way to explore the coast, see wildlife and discover our island.

Daily coastal kayak tours in the Jersey National Park.

Novices and families are welcome. Individual and group bookings are possible on all tours.

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Sea Kayak Tours in Jersey

Discover another world as you explore the coastline of Jersey on a guided sea kayak tour.

Our choice of user-friendly single or tandem sit-on-top kayaks means you’ll quickly master the basics.

Accompanied by local expert staff passionate about kayaking, paddle in a small group to see Jersey’s coastline and marine life. Many of our team are also trained Visit Jersey guides.

This tour is suitable for all ages and abilities. Novices are welcome.

Sit-inside kayaks are not available on this tourContact us to book a private tour if you want to use a sit-inside sea kayak.

Adults: £48.50Children (minimum age for kayak tours is five years) 5-16 years: £35.50.

Private tours can also be booked. Contact us to discuss dates.

Eco-discount if you arrive by bus, taxi, electric vehicle, cycle, or foot.

Email us if you do not see a date or want a private tour for you and your friends. T. 07797853033.

Read about the level of experience, what to wear, tour itinerary, fitness levels, your swimming ability and the maximum weight/ BMI for our kayaks by clicking the “Info” button below. Or, feel free to email us for further advice.

The departure/meeting point is confirmed the evening before by SMS text once we have checked the weather forecasts.

Click here for dates and times.

Evening/Sunset Tours

Decompress and enjoy a 1½-hour evening kayak tour. Paddle our user-friendly sit-on-top kayak to enjoy the evening light as the sun goes down.

Join this fun activity to experience the rhythm of the ocean as you see Jersey from a new angle. Meet wildlife in their territory and discover the wonderful coastline of Jersey from the sea.

This is more than just a kayak trip. You’ll be accompanied by some of Jersey’s most experienced local guides who share their passion for our island’s wildlife and history.

Kayak with British Canoeing, Wild Life Safe (WiSe) and Visit Jersey trained guides.

Novices, families, and groups are welcome. All equipment is supplied. Just bring along the desire to enjoy our fantastic environment.

Wednesdays and some Thursdays 1800-1930. (May – September). £35.50 per person.

We kayak in small groups, and you can also book private tours by selecting the “Book entire tour” option.

See the “Who are these trips for” tab for information about the fitness level required, swimming ability and maximum weights/BMIs for our kayaks.

The departure/meeting point is confirmed the evening before -to those who have booked- by SMS text once we have checked the weather forecasts.

Daily kayak tours at 1000 & 1400 are also available.

Email us for other dates. Tel 07797853033.

The departure/meeting point is confirmed the evening before by SMS text once we have checked the weather forecasts.

Go fast, Surf waves. Surfski Taster. (2¼ hours)

Go fast with a surfski.

Reflecting the growing interest in high-performance sea kayaking, we offer Epic surfski sea kayaking experiences.

Choose from our Epic V5, V7 and V8 surfskis or high-performance sit-inside sea kayaks.

Experience the speed and efficiency of high-performance kayaks as you explore the coastline of Jersey.

Adult 2¼-hour class £48.50 Children (12-16yrs) £35.50 (12yrs+ for surfskis).

All equipment (including wetsuits) is supplied.

Dates and times can be arranged on request.

Email us for dates. Tel 07797853033.

To get the most from our high-performance surfskis, you should have some previous kayaking experience.

Fly through the water and surf down the waves on an Epic surfski.

About our Sea Kayak Tours

Our equipment and approach are designed to maximize your enjoyment and success. Director Derek Hairon is the author of the UK’s best-selling manual on sit-on-top kayaking and the Channel Island Sea Kayaking Guidebook.

Choose single or tandem sit-on-top sea kayaks. For the more experienced, we have closed-cockpit sea kayaks, high-performance kayaks, and surf skis.

Who are our tours suitable for?

Our sea kayak tours are suitable for adults and families who want to explore our magnificent coastline and wildlife.

Anyone who enjoys being in the outdoors and on the sea.

No previous experience is needed. Our expert staff and user-friendly sit-on-top kayaks will give you the confidence to have fun afloat as you explore the coastline.

Our sit-on-top sea kayaks are stable. However, this is a water sport, and you might fall in, so expect to get wet. We supply wetsuits from child to XXL (ladies sizes 8-18), windproof jackets, and all safety kit.

Unlike sit-inside kayaks, there is no need to worry about capsize drills and “wet exits”. If you request a sit-inside kayak, you must have previously used a spray deck and have done a wet exit with a spray deck. Please note: We do not take paddlers afloat in a sit-inside kayak without a spray deck.

Expect to get wet, so do not take cameras, mobile phones, car keys, etc. on the tour unless you are sure they are fully waterproof. If in doubt, you can leave them in our vehicle.

Our departure points

We pay close attention to the wind and swell forecasts. As a result, we will only kayak some coastlines if the conditions are suitable. Experienced paddlers or those wanting to explore cliffs and caves which may be prone to swell (providing the forecasts are suitable) should contact us to arrange a private tour.

The venue and meeting point are confirmed -to those booked- by text the evening before once we have checked the weather forecasts, so you kayak in a good location.

We live in a maritime climate; rainy weather doesn’t stop us from exploring by kayak. We supply wetsuits and cagoules.


Kayaking is an active sport and involves physical effort. You should be of average fitness and in good health. Please contact us before booking if you find it difficult to sit upright for any length of time. As a rough guide, if you drive your car with a very reclined seat, you may find sitting on the kayaks arduous, even with back support. A way to check if you will be okay is to sit on the floor with your legs in front of you and maintain an upright posture.

In the event of a capsize, you need to be able to get back on board with assistance. This is like climbing out from the side of a swimming pool by pulling/sliding yourself onto the poolside (without pushing off the bottom of the pool with your feet). If this is difficult for you or a party member, please contact us before you book.

Heights and weights

For your enjoyment and safety, help us ensure we have the correct sizes of kit and kayaks available by telling us your clothing size when you book. We may not have the right equipment for your trip if we do not have this information.
If you weigh over 15.2 stone (96kg) or have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 33+, you must tell us your height and weight (use the additional information section). Sometimes, we may suggest we meet in advance to try out the kayak and re-entry techniques. Calculate your BMI.