Les Écréhous, Les Minquiers & Sark Kayak Trips

Les Écréhous Kayak Tour

Explore Les Écréhous by kayak

Les Écréhous

Travel to and from Les Écréhous National Park by charter boat, then hop onto a user-friendly sit-on-top kayak and explore the archipelago accompanied by an expert guide. We’ll reveal the history and marine life of this extraordinary place. Kayak into hidden spots and hear stories of French invasions and the hermit of Les Écréhous.

Observe wildlife and perhaps spot seals and dolphins. Enjoy the incredible experience of kayaking around tiny islets surrounded by crystal-clear waters.

Read about kayaking at Les Écréhous in The Paddler Magazine.

To get the most out of this trip, you should have some previous kayaking experience, so you quickly get out exploring.

Advanced Kayak crossings to Les Écréhous are possible for experienced paddlers. Contact us.

Guided walking tours to Les Écréhous are listed here.

4 hours. Kayaks and all kit supplied. Maximum of 6 guests per trip.

2024 Dates. Visit our booking page

Email us for other dates and private trips.

Les Ecrehous kayak tour.Sea kayaking in Jersey. from Jersey Kayak Adventures on Vimeo.

Les Minquiers Kayak Tour

Maitresse Ile. Les Minquiers. The cabins or barraques. Sea kayak tours

Maitresse Ile. The cabins -or barraques- are now used as weekend residences

Kayak into a world of sandbars and clear water – and Jersey appears as a faint outline on the horizon.

Travel 12 miles south of Jersey by fast charter boat and then kayak one of the remotest spots in Jersey.

The archipelago is a site of unique interest and is part of the Jersey National Park.

Explore this vast expanse of seabed at low tide by kayak accompanied by guides who have visited Les Minquiers for over 30 years. To get the most from this unique experience, group size is limited to six guests.

At high tide, just 200 metres of land remains, with a cluster of fishermen’s cabins clinging to the rocks. Pull out the plug, and at low tide, an area of land almost as big as Jersey seems to rise up from the ocean.

Advanced Kayak crossings to Les Minquiers are possible for very experienced paddlers. Contact us.

2024 Dates. Visit our online booking page.

Email us for other dates and private trips.

Sea kayaking in Jersey.Les Minquiers trip from Jersey Kayak Adventures on Vimeo.

Sark Kayak Tour

Sark cliffs. Sea kayak tours

Sea stacks off the east coast of Sark.

Discover numerous sea caves and sea arches by kayak as we explore the coastline of Sark. The island is riddled with lots of big sea caves, some of which have two or more entrances. If conditions are good, we might even be able to enter the Guillot caves, a remarkable cave that runs beneath a headland, and see rare sea anemones covering the rock walls.

To get the most from this mini-expedition, you must have some kayaking experience.

Depending on the conditions (and the ability of the group), we plan to paddle around as much of Sark as possible (Approximately 9 -10 miles, 16.5km – 18.5km).

Travel to and from Sark by fast charter boat. The charter boat remains in contact throughout the day.

 7 hours.

Kayaks and all paddle kit supplied. Sit on top and sit inside sea kayaks are available.

2024 Dates See our online booking page.


Sea kayaking in Sark Channel Islands with Jersey Kayak Adventures from Jersey Kayak Adventures on Vimeo.