British Canoeing Awards

The British Canoeing Star awards have undergone not just a name change but a significant re-write to make them more relevant to kayakers.

The new Paddle Awards help empower the paddler and recognise a paddler’s ability to operate competently at different levels ranging from sheltered to advanced water environments. We can run training assessments for all the new sea awards.

Many of our Intermediate and Advanced sea kayak trails link with the British Canoeing (BC) Paddle award training and assessment dates.

British Canoeing Paddle Awards

BC Paddle Awards are great for anyone just starting out kayaking and are designed to develop your confidence afloat in sheltered water. We’ll develop your skills and knowledge so you can get out exploring the superb coastline of Jersey.

Read about these excellent awards or, Email us to arrange Paddle Award training and assessment dates.

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Sea Kayak Award Training

A great day of sea kayak skills training which aims to improve your personal kayaking skills so that you can go afloat with confidence. Sit-on-top and sit inside kayakers are welcome.

We’ll work on developing your paddle skills and confidence when paddling in wind conditions of no more than Beaufort Force 3.

Get top tips and training from our highly experienced kayak coaches. Throughout the day we will kayak in some fantastic areas to enable you to put your skills into practice. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a detailed action plan.

Kayaks and kit supplied.

Extra training days and the Sea kayak award assessment can be added as private courses.

Dates. Training can be included during our introduction to kayaking courses and also as day and multi-day training.

See our Intermediate courses page for 5-day courses with training and optional assessment for the Sea Kayaker award.

Email Derek for training dates.

Sea Kayak Award Assessment

The Sea Kayaker award demonstrates that you are no longer a beginner.

The award is assessed in either a sit-on-top or sit-inside sea kayak.

At the end of the assessment, all candidates will receive an action plan.

All kit supplied. Reduced price, if you have all your equipment.

Assessment can be added as an extra day on the 5-day Intermediate kayak trail which often runs the 5 days before the assessment date. Assessment can also be included in our Intermediate courses and introduction to kayaking courses if the paddler meets the standards of the award.

See our booking system for dates.

Custom assessment and training days dates can be arranged.

Email Derek for custom dates.

Coastal Sea Kayak Award

The Coastal Sea Kayak Award will develop your ability to apply your paddling and decision-making skills in winds up to force 4 and/or tides up to 2 knots. You can now take this award in sea kayaks or specific sit on tops such as the designs we use.

Coastal Sea Kayak is like the Sea Kayak Leader award but without the leadership requirement. We think a lot of paddlers will, therefore, find this award to be an excellent option.

The goal is to be able to blend your paddle skills to be in control throughout the whole day, developing your efficient forward paddling, maintaining and changing direction, as well as safety considerations and rescues.

Training is possible during our multi-day courses, sea kayak leader training and on other dates. Paddlers who meet the standard of the award may have the opportunity to be assessed.

See our booking system for training and assessment dates.

Email Derek for dates of our Coastal Sea Kayak training and assessments.

Sea Kayak Leader (Moderate Water/4 Star) Training

Even if you have no plans to undertake the sea kayak leader (SKL) -moderate water/4-star- assessment, you’ll develop your experience and tune up your skills while kayaking around the superb coastline of Jersey.

Add extra kayaking days, join the 5-day advanced course or complete the assessment prerequisites: Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course (CNTP), British Canoeing 3 star award, VHF marine radio certificate and First Aid.

To get the most from the training, you should be able to kayak for between 4-5 hours per day in winds of up to force 3-4 and in moderate tidal waters which may include overfalls, swell and tidal streams of about 3 knots (or more) off some headlands. You should be at (or above) British Canoeing 3 star standard to get the most for this course.

Kayaks and equipment included. Fly from UK regional airports to get more time on the water. Jersey also has connections to European airports via Gatwick.

2020 Dates

See our online booking system.

Email Derek for custom dates.

Sea Kayak Leader (Moderate water/4 Star) Assessment

The British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader (SKL) Moderate water (formally the 4-star sea leader) award sets the standard for paddlers to benchmark their skills in moderate water conditions. Increasingly this award is viewed as an essential requirement to guide sea kayaking trips on the sea.

Sea kayaks and paddle kit included. Drysuits, VHF marine radio, flares and other items for the assessment can be hired in advance if arriving by air.

British Canoeing Guide training modules are also available as extra days.

2020 Dates

See our online booking system.

Custom assessment dates are also possible. Email Derek.

Add Extra Days to your Sea Kayak Course

Consolidate your skills and get more experience of sea kayaking in Jersey.

While it’s possible to cover the sea kayak leader training syllabus in two days, many paddlers like to add extra days, so they have plenty of time to enhance their skills.

You can also add extra courses such as the Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning (CNTP), VHF and First Aid. If these options are not showing on your required dates, email or call me.

Many kayakers select this option as a way of adding extra trips to their logbook.

Email Derek for other dates throughout the year.

Sea Kayak Guide Training

Level: If you would like to develop a career in the outdoors, or your sea kayak guiding skills, our training programme could provide the ideal launch pad. Our course is custom made, so you get to spend your time in the best way.

Previous students have undertaken training from BC 1 to 3-star sea kayak awards and the sea kayak leader and advanced leader awards (old 4 and 5 stars). There is also the option to complete the Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT), VHF, First Aid and Child Protection training as part of your pathway to becoming a BC kayak coach.

Group sizes are small, so you get lots of input and support. Some courses will operate on a 1:1 level. Previous students have attended from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Mauritius and the UK.

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Guide Endorsement Modules

British Canoeing guide modules are available for all kayakers as stand-alone units.

You do not need to be a coach or sea kayak leader. The one-day guide modules are an excellent way to develop your knowledge.

The Sea Kayak guide endorsement supports and recognises the additional skills required when fulfilling a guiding role on sea kayak tours and expeditions worldwide.

British Canoeing endorsed kayak guides must undergo training in a minimum of three modules. Choose from;
Camp Craft and Expedition Skills
Environment and Sustainability
Leadership, Customer Experience
Trip Planning and Organisation.
Plus, you must have a paddle-sport leadership qualification (e.g. sea kayak leader) and submit a portfolio of your guiding experience which can be endorsed by an approved BC guide trainer to become a registered guide.

We offer these British Canoeing Guide endorsement modules;

Camp-craft and expedition skills
Trip Planning and organisation
Customer experience

Dates can be arranged on demand or, added to your sea kayak leader course.

Contact us to arrange your British Canoeing guide modules.

Advanced Sea Kayak Award

The Advanced Sea Kayak Award focuses on paddling in winds over force 4 and/or tides over 2 knots.

You’ll need to competently paddle a sea kayak and undertake open crossings (2 nautical miles plus) as well as coastal trips.

Training will focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of your surroundings and creating a consistent and blended use of skills, so you are able to be in control in difficult conditions.

Our Big Tides and Advanced courses will help you to achieve this goal.

Assessments can be arranged if requested well in advance.

Email Derek for training and assessment dates.

British Canoeing Paddlesport Instructor

The British Canoeing Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport is the first step on the coaching pathway and the entry point for most paddlesport coaches.

This qualification develops the foundation coaching skills that underpin coaching practice. It introduces the fundamentals of safe, ethical and effective paddlesport coaching.

The qualification is not specific to one type of craft and is suitable for coaches who work with paddlers from any of the competitive and recreational paddlesport disciplines.

The course prepares coaches, for running taster sessions, coaching key skills, coaching paddlers in a variety of craft in sheltered and very sheltered water conditions, usually with the support of a more qualified coach.

Contact us for 2020 dates and more information.

Coach Award (formerly level 2) Core Training

The Coach Award is for competent paddlers who want to coach sea kayakers.

Benefits of the Coach Award:

Direct entry to the training course is possible. The only prerequisite to join this training course is for you to be a member of British Canoeing.
You can select a specific pathway for training, e.g. sea kayak coach.
Supportive eLearning resources to aid learning.

Our 4-day course includes both the core training and discipline-specific sheltered water training. You will then need to go away and complete the eLearning and coaching tasks before putting yourself forward for the 1-day assessment.

Course tutor: TBC. Note. The maximum number of students per tutor is 4.

2020 Dates: Contact us.

Course outline.

To join this course, you must have a strong base of efficient and effective personal paddling skills to enable you to facilitate safe, quality and enjoyable coaching sessions in sheltered water in winds up (and including) Beaufort force 3.

Contact us if you have any questions.


Any loaned or hired equipment used on the assessment will be assessed as if it were your own, so ensure you know how it works.

If you combine a training course with an assessment course, it is important to understand that attendance on a training course does not imply that you will have reached the required standard to pass the award at the end of the course. Much depends upon your level of paddle skills and experience. Ensure you have read and understood the syllabus for the relevant awards.

If you are considering undertaking Sea Kayak Leader (4 star) training and assessment by linking both courses together, please discuss this in advance.

Leadership Registration (LR) Form. A copy of your completed and officially stamped LR form is required when you book/pay (no later than 14 days before the assessment). If you arrive without a valid LR form, we cannot asses you for the leadership award and no refund of your course fees will be made. If you need advice or assistance, contact us in advance.