Advanced Sea Kayak Courses

Discover the Beauty of Jersey with our Advanced Sea Kayak Courses.

Embark on a thrilling adventure with our advanced sea kayak trails and big tides courses in Jersey. Explore the dramatic coastline, master essential skills, and take advantage of our unique location for British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak and Sea Kayak Leader training and assessments.

Please email us for custom dates for individuals and groups.

Jersey Kayak Trail (Advanced 5 days)

Experience Jersey’s coastal wonders on our Advanced Sea Kayak Courses.

Immerse yourself in a 5-Day Adventure around Jersey, the island of the tides.

Unleash your sea kayaking potential with our 5-day advanced course. Paddle beneath Jersey’s stunning cliffs, explore caves and secluded bays, navigating tidal ranges of up to 12 meters. 

Course Details

Our courses for the experienced sea kayaker include tide races, surf, rock gardens, caves and possibly an offshore excursion to Les Écréhous. Expect daily sessions of 4-5 hours in conditions up to force four winds and moderate tidal waters. Navigate overfalls, swells, and tidal streams, pushing your limits with up to 3 knots+ tide streams off some headlands.

Embark on a journey through Europe’s largest rocky intertidal area, where the ocean’s retreat unveils a captivating undersea world stretching up to two miles from the land.

Intermediate Option:

If you’re not yet at an advanced level, explore our Intermediate Sea Kayak Trail, tailored for those seeking to enhance their skills in a superb kayaking location.

Advance Your Skills

The Jersey Sea Kayak Trail is ideal for those seeking expert coaching.

Our 5-day course provides an opportunity to be assessed for the British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak Award.

For those preparing for British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader training or assessment, additional days can be added at the end of the week.

Convenient Travel:

All equipment can be supplied to avoid the hassle of a long drive to Jersey. Fly from regional airports or come by ferry. 

No need for a car – Jersey’s excellent bus service makes getting to the departure point each day less hassle.

Our Environmental Commitment:

We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by almost 50% and support the Durrell Rewild Carbon scheme. Join us in enjoying the beauty of nature responsibly.

Booking Information:

Please visit our online booking page for all our Advanced Jersey Sea Kayak Trail dates.

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Kayaks and equipment are included in the price. If you opt to bring your own kayak and equipment, there is a discount.

Contact Us

Contact Derek for alternative dates, information and advice about your skill level so you will get the most from the course.

Or call +44 (0) 7797853033. We’re here to answer your questions and help you plan your sea kayaking adventure.

Jersey Big Tides Week. Advanced Sea Kayak Course

Welcome to Big Tides Week – an exhilarating Advanced Sea Kayak Course set against the stunning backdrop of Jersey, the island renowned for its 12-meter tides.

Course Details

Immerse yourself in the challenge of paddling tide streams and navigate the dynamic overfalls as the tide ebbs and flows along the coast.

Explore a coastline that undergoes constant transformation, with the ocean rising and falling up to 3 inches per minute. Delve into tide races, overfalls, rock gardens, and, weather permitting, ride the surf to refine your water skills.

Accompanied by local expert paddlers, you’ll discover some excellent sea kayaking spots around Jersey as you refine your skills and experience some of the biggest tides of the year over five action-packed days.

Your Sea Kayak Skill Level:

This course is tailored for experienced/advanced sea kayakers. Expect daily sessions of 4-5 hours in conditions up to force four winds and moderate tidal waters. 

The Big Tides course is for experienced sea kayakers who can paddle in moderate tidal waters, Beaufort 4-5 winds and tidal streams of more than 3 knots. You can quickly complete an assisted re-entry and should be able to roll.

Your paddle skills should be at – or above- the level where you don’t have to think about specific paddle strokes when in rough water.

It is advisable to regularly kayak or be paddle fit because some sessions may be both mentally and physically strenuous.

Prearranged assessments for the British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak award are available upon request.

Intermediate Option:

For intermediate-level paddlers, the Jersey Intermediate Sea Kayak Trail option is available.

Course Dates

Our course includes kayaks and all gear. There is a discount if you bring your own equipment.

Please visit our online booking page for course dates.

Click the “Info” button for more details or “Book” to secure your spot.

Planning for 2024 is underway.

Contact us for Big Tide Week dates and customized options.

If you have any questions about whether your sea kayaking skills are suitable for this course, please get in touch with us before booking.

Or call +44 (0) 7797853033.