Sea Kayak Leader Training & Assessments

Custom dates, small groups and 1:1 assessments can be arranged. Contact us for more advice.

Coastal Sea Kayak (CSK) Award-Adventure in Jersey

Explore the coastal wonders of Jersey and elevate your sea kayaking skills with the British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak (CSK) award. This Assessment provides a unique opportunity to showcase your competence in moderate waters without the responsibility of leading groups.

Why Choose the CSK Award?

The CSK award spans five days, allowing you to immerse yourself in Jersey’s breathtaking coastline and navigate its vast tide range while fine-tuning your skills. Whether you’re an intermediate paddler (e.g., BC Sea Kayak award) or an enthusiast seeking to enhance your abilities, this Assessment can be conducted in a sit-on-top or sit-inside sea kayak.

What’s Included:

For your convenience, we offer the option to hire essential equipment such as VHF marine radios, flares, and other assessment items in advance.

Sea kayaks and paddle kit is included in the price.

Enhance Your Navigation Skills:

Add an extra day for the Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning (CNTP) course. This additional training ensures you’re well-prepared for the challenges of coastal sea kayaking.

Coastal Sea Kayak Assessment Details:

The Coastal Sea Kayak Award assessment can seamlessly integrate into the week-long experience for those paddling at the required standard. Please note that an additional charge applies for the certification.

Who Should Consider the CSK Award:

Paddlers who don’t plan to lead groups but are passionate about sea kayaking should strongly consider pursuing the Coastal Sea Kayak Award. Many paddlers use the Coastal Sea Kayak Award as part of their progression to becoming a sea kayak leader. It’s a valuable recognition of your skills and a testament to your commitment to the sport.

Our Coastal Sea Kayak Award checklist is a helpful tool to help you identify areas to develop for your Assessment.

Flexible Options:

We also offer the flexibility to arrange a 2-day Coastal Sea Kayak assessment on custom dates to accommodate your availability.

Contact Derek to arrange an assessment date.

Coastal Sea Kayak (CSK) Syllabus:

Get acquainted with the specifics of the British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak Award by exploring the detailed syllabus.

Embark on an unforgettable coastal sea kayaking journey in Jersey.

Coastal Sea Kayak Award dates.

Join us for an enriching experience that will elevate your sea kayaking prowess.

Sea Kayak Leader Training in Jersey

Discover the thrill of sea kayaking with our revamped British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader (SKL) training in Jersey. The SKL award underwent significant changes in January 2021, eliminating the prerequisite for formal training before Assessment. While sea kayak leader training is no longer mandatory, our course, led by experienced British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader assessors, offers an invaluable opportunity to enhance your skills.

Why Choose Our Sea Kayak Leader Training?

Our training course provides an immersive experience to hone your kayak leadership, paddle skills, and incident management in diverse sea conditions. The picturesque backdrop of Jersey, known as the “island of the tides,” offers a stunning setting with cliffs, caves, surf beaches, tide streams, overfalls, and Spring tides reaching up to 12m.

What the Course Covers:

– Leadership development

– Paddle skills refinement

– Incident management techniques

– Insight into the British Canoeing Leadership Model

Benefits of Our Training:

Participants leave our course equipped with a detailed action plan, and optional mentoring is available for those progressing to the assessment stage. Even if you plan to skip the Sea Kayak Leader assessment, this course enriches your sea kayaking knowledge and experience.

Skill Level Requirements:

To get the most from this course, you should be able to kayak for 4-5 hours in winds up to force 4, navigating moderate tidal waters with overfalls, swell, and tidal streams of approximately 3 knots. Participants should have a proficiency equivalent to British Canoeing 3 Star/Sea Kayak/Coastal Sea kayak awards and be comfortable kayaking in moderate water conditions.

Additional Opportunities:

Extend your kayaking adventure by adding extra days or signing up for our 5-day courses. You can also pursue the Assessment for the BC Sea Kayak or Coastal Sea Kayak award or complete prerequisite courses such as Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning (CNTP), First Aid, Safeguarding, and guide modules.

Logistics and Travel:

All necessary kayaks and equipment are included in the course fee. Travel to Jersey is convenient, with direct flights from UK regional airports and excellent connections to European airports via Gatwick and Heathrow.

Book Your Sea Kayak Leader (Tidal) Training:

Visit our booking page to secure your spot for the 2024 Sea Kayak Leader (Tidal) training courses. Custom dates can be arranged by contacting Derek via email.

Embark on a sea kayaking journey in the breathtaking waters of Jersey – where adventure meets skill development!

Sea Kayak Leader (Tidal Water) Assessment in Jersey

Elevate your sea kayaking journey by obtaining the Sea Kayak Leader (tidal) Assessment in the stunning coastal setting of Jersey. This Assessment validates your experience and skills to confidently lead paddlers on short or multi-day journeys in moderate tidal waters.

Changes to the Sea Kayak Leader (SKL) Assessment:

The SKL award now offers two routes: a tidal and non-tidal waters assessment option. The SKL tidal waters assessment is recommended for most sea kayakers as it broadens your leadership capabilities across diverse conditions and waters.

Assessment Details:

Flexible Assessment Options:

  • One-day assessments can be arranged upon request, offering a streamlined process for those with time constraints. I only recommend this option for candidates with lots of leadership and moderate water sea kayaking experience.
  • The standard two-day Assessment allows thorough evaluation in various conditions, ensuring a comprehensive review of your skills.

Jersey’s Ideal Setting:

Jersey’s dynamic coastline, featuring cliffs, surf beaches, caves, rock gardens, and offshore opportunities, provides the perfect backdrop for a diverse and challenging assessment. Maximize your time on the water by flying in from regional and European airports.

All-Inclusive Experience:

  • Sea kayaks and paddle gear are included in the assessment price.
  • Essential equipment such as VHF marine radios, flares, and more can be conveniently hired in advance.

Preparation and Additional Opportunities:

Custom Dates and Training:

  • Custom 1:1 and small group assessment dates can be arranged by emailing Derek.
  • Explore additional training options, including Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning (CNTP), VHF Marine Radio, First Aid, and British Canoeing Sea Kayak Guide modules.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD):

  • British Canoeing Guide modules are recognized as CPD, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge.
  • Choose from modules such as Camp-craft and expedition skills, Trip Planning and organization, and Customer Experience.
  • Contact derek to arrange a guide module.

Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Training:

The Advanced Sea Kayak Leader (SKL) award no longer requires formal BC-approved training, allowing for personalized development.

Join our Advanced Jersey Sea Kayak Trail 5-day course or the Big Tides week for more sea kayaking experience in moderate to advanced waters.

Important Notes for Assessment Candidates:

  • Any loaned or hired equipment used during assessments will be assessed as your own.British Canoeing Delivery Partner logo
  • Familiarize yourself with the syllabus and course requirements to meet expectations.
  • British Canoeing Leadership Registration (LR) is essential for the Sea Kayak Leader Assessment. Ensure your completed and approved LR form is submitted 14 days before the Assessment.

For 2024 assessment dates and bookings, visit our online booking page or contact us for more information.

Elevate your sea kayaking leadership skills in the beautiful waters of Jersey!