Forward paddling technique for sea kayakers

Forward paddling technique for sea kayakers

Connectivity and forward paddling technique

Many sea kayakers spend a lot of time looking at the best type of paddle to use in order to improve their paddle skills. However, it is also important to develop an efficient paddling style.

sea kayak forward paddling

The use of the lower body is essential when using a broomstick paddle

A lot is written about the importance of good connectivity in your kayak and the use of the arms,legs,feet and lower body.

Think in terms of moving the kayak through the water to the paddle.

Broomstick paddling

Rather than spend a lot of time writing about forward paddling techniques (and you reading about it) pop into the local DIY store and buy a length of round baton. You’ll need a length roughly the diameter of your paddle shaft and about the length of your paddle plus a bit.

Go afloat and start paddling with what is in effect a long broomstick.

This is a great way to discover the importance of body rotation and your legs when moving the kayak through the water.

Experiment with both high and low paddle styles.

If you are not using enough leg action and body rotation moving forward will be far less than when you engage the lower body.

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