Sit-on top kayak tests and reviews added

Sit-on top kayak tests and reviews added

selection of sit on top kayaks on the sea.Bouley bay,Jersey

Try sit-on-top kayaks test day

Over the Summer we ran Sit-on-top kayak test days. The aim was to enable paddlers to get a better idea of what Sit-on-top kayak to buy.

There were a few surprises when we tried out different designs.

The key message is to:

  • Decide what sort of kayaking you plan to do.
  • Try before you buy.
  • Sit-on-top designs vary a lot in terms of performance.
  • Some very popular designs may not be the best choice.

I’ve uploaded the reviews and comments  to our Sit on top tests and reviews page.

You will also find some tips on what sit-on-top kayak to buy and safety advice in our Press office