Sea kayaking Jersey

Sea kayaking Jersey

Paddling with an old friend.

Sea kayaking along the cliffs at Portelet Jersey

Cliffs near Portelet Bay

It’s been a very long time since Franco and I got out sea kayaking together.

We first started sea kayaking while at school. In those days it was called sea canoeing and was a part of our games lessons.

We both got hooked and went on to kayak round Ireland in 1978 and most of the Channel islands together.

Our lives took us in different directions and places. Somehow we never quite managed to make time to get out kayaking together.

Today we finally got on the water. A blast from the past as we paddled old haunts, remembered stories and reminisced about when we first got kayaking in Jersey.

We were lucky to have some good teachers who tended

Sea kayaks on Portelet beach Jersey

Portelet beach between the storms

to say yes to most of our ideas, and only worried about the consequences afterwards. I recall suggesting to one of the teachers on our afternoon kayak class that it was best if he waited in the shelter of a large rock while we checked around the headland. We quickly decided it was too big for him and came back. He looked relieved as it was only after we went to scout the headland that he remembered he was supposed to be in charge of us!

There was the time Dougall fell asleep and awoke drifting in another bay.

Another time Mick went down a narrow channel and got his Ottersports paddle firmly wedged. He head-butted the paddle shaft as the wave pushed him through.

Sea kayaks in swell near Portelet Jersey

Still a bit of swell running

The Aluminium shaft got a bit bent and Mick a bit dazed.

Saturday kayaking sesisons were followed by the Sunday glass fibre repairs of our home built KW7 kayaks.

We recalled how lucky we were to have had the chance to lean kayaking, navigation and nautical studies at school.

This had a lasting impact on our lives and helped lead us to where we are today.

A great morning out between the gales and rain with an old friend.