SOT coaching for BCU 3 star

SOT coaching for BCU 3 star

Sit on top kayak coaching and courses in south,south west England and Channel islandsSit-on-top kayak coaching in Southern England for BCU 3 star sea seems to have been in short supply.

Andy Benham, author of Discover Kayak Fishing visited Jersey in 2011 having found it difficult to get SOT kayak coaching in the UK. Things have improved with a couple of centres running courses for Sit-on-tops in the UK.

I think we can say we are the pioneers and have run SOT courses for over 7 years. My book was published just as Sit-on-top kayaking was taking off.

Mainstream paddlesport is taking a while to catch up with the popularity of the sit-on-top kayak. It was heart breaking to hear a speaker from Battle Back at the Canoe England coaching conference recount how, after a kayaking trip, an impaired paddler bought a kayak. They went to their local canoe club only to be told that they could not join the trips. This was not due to their impairment, but because they had a Sit-on-top kayak!

We had a great time and Keith from Jersey Bass Guides joined in the fun.

Read Andy’s article: “Passing the BCU 3 Star…on a Sit-on-top”

Information about Sit-on-top coaching and kayak angling safety courses in Jersey.

By Derek Hairon