BCU Kayak fishing safety module and Stand up Paddle board (SUP) star tests

BCU Kayak fishing safety module and Stand up Paddle board (SUP) star tests

Changing times…!

BCU sit on top kayak fishing safety module

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The BCU Coaching newsletter arrived today. I spotted this news which is of interest to anyone paddling a Sit-on-top kayak, Stand up Paddle board (SUP) or a…. Coracle.

BCU Paddlesport fishing safety module

If you are into kayak fishing a new one day BCU kayak fishing safety module is due to be released shortly (well it has been listed as in the pipeline since October 2011). This will cover “equipment and kayak safety set up, personal skills and planning”. I’ve asked for a draft copy but no luck yet so if anyone has a copy I’d be very keen to have a look. I may want to use this new award on my SOT kayak safety courses in 2012.

This is a positive move to help develop safety awareness and basic skills for anyone heading out kayak fishing. I suspect there will be a coaching module rolling out for coaches as well.

Stand up paddle boards star tests

1 and 2 star awards are being rolled out in response to the rising popularity of SUP. You’ll even be able to have SUP as your main craft within the BCU/UKCC levels 1 & 2 coaching scheme.

This is a pretty fast reaction by the BCU with a foundation model due to be rolled out in Summer 2012.

BCU 3* for Sit-on-top kayaks

A reminder that if you plan to do your 3* assessment using a Sit-on-top kayak it needs to be of sufficient length (in my view short SOT’s make it very hard to pass 3*) and have thigh straps or knee blocks. These will help give you more connectivity especially when bracing or in rougher water. However, a lot will depend on your choice of SOT . Even with thigh straps some Sit-on-top designs can be quite hard to brace and lean off balance and even edge.

Coracles- 3 and 4 star awards

Yes, you read it right.

I wonder if there will be a 4 star sea Coracle award?

Derek Hairon