Overnight in Seymour Tower Saturday 10 March

Overnight in Seymour Tower Saturday 10 March

Seymour tower view from east with reflection

Staying in Seymour Tower is like being in a mountain hut or hostel style accomodation

Stay the night in Seymour tower on one of the lowest tides of the year (Low is 0.53m). An opportunity to explore the area at low tide.

I’ve managed to get a booking to stay overnight in Seymour tower on Saturday 10 March. Individual bookings are possible sharing the cost as normally you have to book as a group.

Come and join Derek and Trudie.

Walk to the tower at 1230 Saturday

Return around 1300 on Sunday 11 March.

Essential information about staying in Seymour Tower.

Call for more information 07797853033