France to Jersey sea kayak trip 17nm

France to Jersey sea kayak trip 17nm

Sea kayakng France to jersey spot tracker route 12 4 2012

Route taken on the France to jersey sea kayak crossing.

Colin and Michelle just completed this superb open crossing from France to Jersey by sea kayak.

A distance of over 17 nautical miles with West to North-west winds varying between force 2-4 over the course of the 7 hour trip.

They are currently staying on Seymour Tower. Hence the rather abrupt ending some distance offshore.

I’ve done this trip a couple times in the past. It’s one of my favourites and a big offshore experience. I once left Normandy with the thick fog forecast to lift during the morning but it didn’t. Tony Crowsley and I paddled all but the last 200m in thick fog.

At times we had to ensure we stayed together so we did not lose sight of each other. Adventure activities in Jersey at their best!

Fascinating to watch Colin’s progress via the Spot tracker.