Not a good day to travel by ferry in the Channel islands

Not a good day to travel by ferry in the Channel islands

Routes of the Condor Rapide with detours

It’s not been a good day to be travelling on the ferries.

Strong winds caused the Condor Rapide to turn back to St Malo when just off les Minquiers this morning.

The sailing from Guernsey to St Malo went via the east coast of Jersey to get some shelter during the afternoon. Normally it heads west of Jersey and les Minquiers.

This evenings sailing from St Malo to Jersey looks like it had to make a larger course change to reduce the effects of the wind and swell north of les Minquiers.

The Condor Express from Poole headed directly to Jersey instead of first stopping at Guernsey while the Clipper waits of the south west coast so both high speed ferries can dock.

Note how the islands provide protection from the swell

People often say the roughest part of the crossing is between Jersey and les Minquiers.

3.2m wave heights reported this afternoon and perhaps higher elsewhere offshore.

The Previmer chart shows how Guernsey, Jersey and les Minquiers provide shelter from the ocean swells.