Sea kayaking in Jersey on German TV

Sea kayaking in Jersey on German TV

NDR film crew kayaking in jersey

The film crew

We recently had a film crew over from NDR TV who filmed one of our sea kayak trips in Jersey to Seymour tower. This featured on Nordseereport on Sunday 26 August 2012.

The filming was fun as we had all the crew on kayaks.

We had just 24 hours notice as the crew had planned to film some board surfing…but there was no surf. Luckily we happened to have the key to Seymour Tower so the crew could get shots inside and views from the top of the tower.

Nic -who was paddling the tandem- had the tricky job of ensuring the camera-man and broadcast camera did not end up in the sea. We even had the sound man on the other tandem with sound boom.

Conditions were calm and the film crew were willing to do something different when the boat they were due to film from was unable to join us. They had a couple Go Pro cameras and lots of “Gaffer tape” to attach them to the kayaks.

Cameraman gets ready to kayak

Getting ready to kayak and film

The crew were very well organised so there were few retakes.

The kayak trip in Jersey was to Seymour tower and forms part of a longer programme on Jersey.

Staying in Seymour Tower

If you are not familiar with Seymour tower it’s about 1 mile offshore and surrounded by a maze of gullies which fill and empty very quickly. At times the rise can be up to 3” per minute with some fast currents. The area is therefore a place you should treat with respect whether you explore on foot or by kayak.

Guided walks to Seymour tower are sometimes called “Moonwalks to Seymour tower” due to the strange terrain. However, this description does not do justice to the range of marine life you can observe. It is certainly not a barren place.

Sea kayaking in Jersey

Rescue tower in Grouville bay Jersey

Filming at the rescue tower

The kayaking in Jersey to Seymour tower film shows the trip from La Rocque harbour to Seymour tower. You can either kayak or walk over to stay overnight (with a guide) in Seymour tower. We organise both kayak and walking trips. If you kayak over it’s usually easier to get a booking because you can stay there when it is neap tides and not possible to walk over.

Though the TV programme is in German it’s pretty easy to follow with lots of great images and some filming which shows the interior of Seymour tower.

Watch sea kayaking to in Jersey to Seymour tower.

Derek Hairon