Jersey’s outdoor riches sampled by Britain’s leading outdoor writers and photographers

Jersey’s outdoor riches sampled by Britain’s leading outdoor writers and photographers

kayaking at Beauport

After the rain had passed

This weekend we joined forces with Jersey Tourism and other local activity providers to lay on a feast of outdoor adventure activities for the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild (OWPG) 32nd annual conference.

As well as attending the annual conference around 50 delegates explored the vast range of outdoor pursuits offered by local activity providers, from bush walking, blo-karting and mountain biking to coasteering, walking, climbing and sea kayaking.

“Jersey is an intriguing place for this gathering of many of the country’s leading outdoor writers with its combination of sunshine, history and wide range of outdoor activities.” Said OWPG chairman Jonathan Williams.

And OWPG conference organiser Dennis Kelsall added: “The island is packed with outdoor things to do and see. I’m sure our delegates will be inspired by what they experience and will want to write about this wonderful outdoor island.”

kayak photography

An opportunity to try and get a good photo

The Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild, founded in 1980, represents the cream of the UK’s media professionals working largely or entirely on outdoor subjects. Its membership includes writers, journalists, photographers, illustrators, broadcasters, film-makers, artists, publishers and editors, all of whom share a passionate interest in the outdoors.

Feedback already suggests that many delegates were impressed with the range of adventure activities in Jersey on offer. At least one photo journalist is already planning an article on the island.

As part of the conference programme we organised both novice and intermediate sea kayak tours to explore the coastline.

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