BCU Canoe Focus is no more

BCU Canoe Focus is no more

The BCU Canoe Focus magazine has changed publishers.

According to Canoe England BCU CEO Paul Owen,

In this highly exciting year for canoeing it is fitting that after twenty years the BCU member’s magazine is moving in an exciting new direction. We are pleased to be working with Warners Group Publications PLC with their wealth of knowledge and a real passion for our sport and we look forward to producing a magazine that really inspires our readers to get out there on the water and get involved.”

The big question is whether in the long term there is a market for the current range of paddle sport magazine in the UK.

Paddle Canada teamed up with Rapid Media this year to stop producing their members magazine Kanawa. “The Kanawa title will be preserved as a Paddle Canada-sponsored section inside Rapid, Adventure Kayak and Canoeroots, providing readers with a snapshot of association happenings.” 

At the moment we have Canoe Focus, Canoe Kayak UK, Ocean Paddler and now The Paddler in the market place. Will there be enough advertising to support these publications?

Could the Canadian model be the outcome in the UK if advertising revenue is not maintained to support a separate BCU title. Alternatively, we might see the current CKUK magazine merging into the ‘new’ Canoe Focus.

The BCU coaching newsletter CODE has switched to an online format.

Looks like we might see a few more changes in the UK Paddlesport publishing world.

14 Nov. The story gets more interesting with the former editor of Focus giving his side of the story in the UKRGB forum.  Wonder who owns the Canoe Focus web address?

Derek Hairon