Sea kayaking in Jersey. A day of contrasts and changing weather

Sea kayaking near Grve de Lecq,Jersey

Calm seas and sunshine but note the fog banks in the distance

On Saturday Jersey was either a very warm and sunny place or, very foggy.

It all depended on which side of the island you were on. We were kayaking from Greve de Lecq. Trudie was guiding an oyster trail from Seymour slip on the south east coast no more then 5 miles away.

Friends were kayaking to Les Écréhous in 40m of visibility running on GPS and chart work/compass course while others were kayaking to the Paternosters (Les Pierre de Lecq) in sunshine.

Jersey Met had forecast a risk of occasional fog banks drifting over from Normandy. It seems this fog bank decided to spend the day sightseeing around Jersey.

Seymour slip in the fog

Seymour slip in the fog. Taken around the same time as the kayaking photo

This is a good reason to always carry a compass -and know how to use it- as the fog could have easily drifted onto us while kayaking. You can see the fog rolling down the cliffs in the distance.

Three days later and we are experiencing snow and force 8 winds!

Derek Hairon