Free Essential Kayak Skills Safety Class

Free Essential Kayak Skills Safety Class

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This is not the time to start reading the instruction manual

Our free 2 hour kayak class is an opportunity for you to get some essential safety and basic paddle skills training.

With so many people buying kayaks in Jersey there has been an increase in Lifeboat call outs. This is bad for the individuals involved and may stop them enjoying what is a great activity. We want people to have a great time kayaking around Jersey and to be safer afloat.

To improve the safety of sea kayakers around our coastline Jersey Kayak Adventures Ltd is running a series of free 2-hour kayak safety classes.

These classes do not replace our popular sea kayak courses. They are designed for people who already own their own kayak and equipment and recognise the importance to learn essential safety skills. Anyone without a kayak – or those who are considering buying one – will be able to hire all equipment.

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Our free safety class is in the news

“Over the last few years we’ve come across quite a few kayakers, who would benefit from practising a few essential skills such as how to deal with a capsize. This class came about as part of our desire to increase awareness and safety around our fantastic coastline”, comments Derek.

As well as covering basic forward paddling techniques and dealing with a capsize, the class will also focus on essential safety equipment, trip planning and top tips from Jersey Kayak Adventures’ nationally qualified instructors.

This initiative has generated considerable media interest. We’ve been filmed by our local TV station, featured on BBC Radio Jersey and also in the Jersey Evening Post. Our local Coastguard has also given us their support.

Adults can sign up for a maximum of one class and must book in advance, as places are limited.