2000 miles through the Caribbean by Kayak. Illustrated Talk

2000 miles through the Caribbean by Kayak Talk

2000 miles through the Caribbean by Kayak Talk

Six months time-out under palm trees exploring the Caribbean by kayak. For Marcus Ziebell and Elke Grunwald a six month sabbatical turned their dream into reality.

In February 2016 they set off on an almost 2000 mile long voyage through the Caribbean – from Grenada in the south to the Bahamas in the north. Through 14 countries and more than 100 islands they paddled the balmy turquoise waters of the Caribbean, studded with colourful reefs and impressive volcanoes.

During their tropical journey they spent time with the locals and also explored many uninhabited small islands were they had to totally rely on themselves, sometimes for weeks. There they met the other locals, the sharks, tortoises, dolphins and other colourful residents of the marine reefs.

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Wednesday 18 October 7.30pm. St Helier Yacht Club.

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