The Two Towers, Sea Kayaking in Jersey, the island of the tides

Sea kayaking the gullies in Jersey

Heading to Seymour Tower on the south-east coast of Jersey

I’m spoilt living on Jersey, the island of the tides because I have so many sea kayaking opportunities both around the coastline and offshore. But, it’s a 50m walk down my path and onto the beach where I grew up that enthrals and rejuvenates me.

When I slide my kayak onto the water two hours after low tide, it only needs a couple of paddle strokes before I’m whizzing along like a salmon running a river. Here, the 12m tide rushes amongst a labyrinth of criss-crossing rocky channels that make this the largest rocky intertidal area in Europe. Beneath my kayak is an aquarium of marine life.

A few hours later, what was once a mass of rocky gullies is transformed into an ocean that’s bordered by two 19th century offshore towers. The two towers lure me away from human sounds and into a place where nature is in control. On a calm sunny day, only the sound of the flowing water breaks the silence.

Eventually, my watery route will become land. Now I can retrace my journey on foot as if I was walking over the bed of a river.

Original article in The Paddler Magazine.