5-day Jersey Kayak Trail. Intermediate & Advanced Sea Kayak Tour dates

Dates of our 5-day sea kayak tours around Jersey, the island of the tides is now listed.

Over five days, we aim to explore as much of the coastline of Jersey as possible based on the experience, skill level of the participants and weather conditions. Each day we strive to sea kayak from a different location so you’ll kayak as much of Jersey as possible.

Kayak and kit are included in the price.

Fly direct to Jersey from many UK regional, national and European airports. Jersey has a vast range of accommodation options.

Discover caves, cliffs, remote beaches and experience tides of up to 12m. Our local guides know the best spots to match your abilities. If the weather conditions (and the experience of the paddlers) permit, kayak to Les Écréhous a fabulous jewel of islets 6 miles offshore.

To cater for different levels of experience, we offer intermediate and advanced Jersey Kayak Trail tour dates:

Intermediate Sea Kayak Trail Dates

Advanced Sea kayak Trail Dates

Contact us for other dates.