British Canoeing Approved Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning Courses

Challenges bring new opportunities.
British canoeing online Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning coursesOver the last two months, we have developed online British Canoeing approved Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning courses.
The online classes have already brought together Sea Kayakers and Stand up paddleboarders from Jersey, UK, Eire, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.
Find out more about our online Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning courses here
It’s proving to be a great way to share knowledge and experience.
With a tidal range of over 11m around Jersey, trip planning in our waters brings home the importance of getting your calculations and timings right.
Plus, it is a great way to learn about tides and kayak navigation without travelling to attend a course.

The course is also a pre-requisite for the internationally recognised British Canoeing Sea Kayak leader awards.