Free Kayak Safety Classes

Free Kayak Safety Classes

As Spring and Summer arrive, many people are discovering the magnificent coastline around Jersey by kayak. However, not everyone is used to paddling their own canoe.

sit on top kayak capsize

Dealing with a capsize

To improve the safety of kayakers, Derek Hairon of Jersey Kayak Adventures Ltd has created a free 2-hour kayak Paddle Safer class.

The class is designed for people who already own their kayak and equipment and recognise the importance to learn essential safety skills.

Anyone without a kayak – or those considering buying one – can hire equipment.

2022 Dates

30 April, Saturday 1400

21 May Saturday 1400

11 June Saturday 1400

16 July Saturday 1000

“Over the last few weeks, I’ve come across a few kayakers who’d benefit from some expert advice and skills practice to avoid them ending up in difficulties. No one wants to see paddlers getting into difficulty, so I came up with the idea of offering some free classes to help people have fun afloat. This free class is designed to increase awareness and safety while kayaking around our fantastic coastline”, said Derek.

More information can be obtained on the Jersey Kayak Adventures courses page.

Or call: 07797853033