What our clients say:

I wish I could turn back time to do this morning all over again.

“Many thanks Derek for the photos of our trip out of Ouaisne. It was a great afternoon. Sarah and Scot have talked such a lot about it. Great memories. Will be in touch later about more paddling.” Keith J

“I really appreciated, that you took the time for this special tour with only one participant. Best greetings to you.” Bernhard.

“I wish, I could build a time machine, so I can turn back time to do this morning all over again!” Fergus, aged 8 years; Children’s summer kayaking course

“We hope to come back again. If so will be in touch to do the Kayak”. Hazel

“Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon kayaking! All my friends commented on what fun they’d had and we were all very happily relaxed right through the evening”. Rebecca

“Great pictures, we had a fantastic afternoon.” Wendy on Safety clinic

“I’ve really enjoyed the course – many thanks – and I’ll definitely be doing some more paddles.” Imogen

“I very much enjoyed the course, for which thank you. Cordelia

“Hope to paddling with you again soon!” Jonathan

“Thanks, really enjoyed this, will look for local Kayak classes for kids!” David Mc N

“It pains me, on such a beautiful day, to tell you that I have to go to London this evening on business. I’ll be thinking of you all as I take off.
By the way, I thought last week with the puffins was awesome.” Denis P.

“Thank you for sending the photos”.

“As we said at the time, it turned out that you did us a favour delaying our trip until Friday when we had lovely weather and even got to see a puffin or two, and in show-off mode!”

Eddie at L'Etac. Round Jersey trip

“We agreed after that it was just the right length of trip – we could have gone on for longer but it would have stopped being fun. I did get sunburnt a bit but not where I expected to, instead on the bit between the bottom of my wetsuit and my shoes. I guess they were at an unusual angle to the sun in the kayak. However it was worth it. Thanks for giving us the highlight of our holiday.” Dawn and Paul

“I really enjoyed the kayaking and the rest of our weekend was excellent as well. We’re already planning a return trip to Jersey next year so maybe I’ll catch you then.” Orla

“Absolutely brilliant!
Thank you so much for a great afternoon looking forward to next time.
Best wishes.” David.

“Many thanks for photos of our kayaking … or more precisely … us doing everything else BUT kayaking!!
Great fun Derek, thanks.”

“I’m hoping to win / earn £100 with my job … which I can put towards being pampered for the day, … but I may actually choose to spend it on some kayaking!! See how I get on! Better go and work!”

“Everyone had a brilliant time yesterday, some even have aching muscles today.” Viv

“Just wanted to say thanks very much for the Kayaking trip on Saturday evening. It was good fun and I look forward to coming out on a trip next summer with my son when we come back to the island.

“So thank you very much …………………….. !!” Paul K.